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        Analysis of nuclear power equipment industry in 2014 and Prospect

        Release Date:2014-4-4     Views:2981

        Since the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan in 2011, China carried out a comprehensive safety inspection of nuclear facilities, nuclear safety plan is approved to suspend approval of nuclear power project, including the preliminary work of projects, resulting in the domestic nuclear power development was almost at a standstill, in 2012 China's nuclear power installed capacity of 12570000 kilowatts, an "zero growth".


        But with the October 24, 2012, "nuclear safety plan (2011-2020)" and "long-term nuclear power development plan (2011-2020 year)" by the executive meeting of the State Council, the China construction of nuclear power nuclear accident in Fukushima effect of suspended approval of the formal resumption, the corresponding nuclear power equipment market to restart, and enter the outbreak rate of growth, only in 2013 1-4 month, domestic new operation in nuclear power generating units 8 units, the annual generating capacity of 60000000000 kwh.


        New strategy for the future market of nuclear power equipment, according to the "2013-2017 China nuclear power equipment industry market prospects and strategic planning, investment analysis report", the following 3 point proposal:


        Suggestion: leading enterprises struggle to whole sets of provider


        Comprehensive analysis of the front can be obtained, the lack of complete sets of nuclear power equipment suppliers, leading to nuclear power plant operators essentially become nuclear power technology integrator. This directly pushed up the nuclear power plant operating threshold, also makes the large-scale electric power group in the field of nuclear power operation greatly increased the difficulty. Therefore, with the nuclear power equipment industry to speed up the process, some in nuclear power equipment manufacturer is expected to become a core component of complete sets of equipment suppliers, such as China a weight etc..


        Recommendation two: the international market should be incorporated into the business scope of supply


        Although at this stage of China's nuclear power equipment localization degree is not very high, but with the resumption of national nuclear power market, we research the third generation nuclear power technology, domestic equipment providers, such as the Shanghai electric, Dongfang Electric and Kazakhstan power, should will accelerate the pace of overseas market development, in order to occupy the first chance.


        Recommendation three: major parts suppliers should take the integration route


        Because of the special environment of nuclear power plant, the main components of nuclear power equipment production has a more strict and specific requirements, so the production components of nuclear power equipment enterprises bigger, stronger, higher level of technology. With the resumption of nuclear power market in 2013 China, nuclear power equipment industry a good market prospects and higher profitability, will attract the enterprise enters, looking into the best advice prior to the integration of the way into the field.

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