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        In 2025, China's equipment manufacturing industry and strive to enter the global second phalanx

        Release Date:2014-4-4     Views:3093

        Su Bo points out, the Ministry of industry and information technology since the establishment of five years, the equipment manufacturing industry has withstood all kinds of difficulties and risks, to achieve sustained rapid and healthy development in five years. China's equipment manufacturing industry comprehensive strength jump, independent to a new level, the development of new industries have made great progress, the international competitiveness of enterprises significantly enhanced, industry gathered to stride new step, the construction industry management system to create a new situation in the. He thinks, the world economic and political pattern is undergoing profound changes, the international financial crisis, the world economy into a new phase, the global industrial structure is facing new adjustment. Giving birth to a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution arisen, will reshape the world economy pattern. The transition period of the development of economy in our country, in high growth, faced with the notable different internal and external environment. Profound changes in the international and domestic situation, brings hitherto unknown risks and challenges to China's equipment manufacturing industry. But the basic factors in the development of equipment manufacturing industry in our country has not changed, the overall point of view, the development of more opportunities than challenges.


        Su Bo emphasizes, the comprehensive construction equipment manufacturing industry powerful nation, must be thoroughly Scientific Outlook on Development, comprehensively deepen the reform, adhere to the "innovation driven, high-end lead, infrastructure, green development" policy, the phased completion of the strategic transition from equipment manufacturing country to the equipment manufacturing industry powerful nation. By 2025, China's equipment manufacturing industry to enter the world of the equipment manufacturing industry of second square, some advantages of industry to take the lead in realizing big and strong; to 2035, China's equipment manufacturing industry ranks second in the world forefront square, become be worthy of the name of the equipment manufacturing industry powerful nation; to 2050, enter the world of the equipment manufacturing industry the first matrix of the equipment manufacturing industry in China, become a global leader in power equipment manufacturing power. In this process, must be a solid grasp of the key tasks in eight aspects. One is to establish and improve the industrial technology innovation system. Two are actively constructing the two depth of the fusion development mechanism. Three is to strengthen the manufacturing base. Four is the comprehensive promotion of quality brand construction. Five is to actively promote green manufacturing. Six is to accelerate the cultivation of internationally competitive enterprise groups. Seven is to accelerate the development of modern manufacturing service industry. Eight is vigorously promoting the "going out China equipment". At the same time, we must attach great importance to the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate the key industry structure adjustment, and strive to achieve major breakthroughs in some key areas and new energy vehicles in the high-end CNC machine tools, power equipment, industrial robots and intelligent equipment, aviation equipment, ship and marine engineering equipment, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy saving.


        Su Bo requirements, should not to move or retreat to deepen the reform, to adapt to environmental changes, closely around "to deal with the relationship between government and market" as the core, and the transformation of government functions, administrative method innovation, create new conditions for the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry. To formulate and implement the development strategy, strengthen the planning, policy, standard, the positive transformation of government functions and the way of management, standardize the market competition order, innovative way of government services and give full play to the role of industry associations.


        The Ministry of industry and information data shows, 2013, industry output value exceeded 20 yuan of China's equipment manufacturing, is 2.2 times in 2008, an average annual increase of 17.5%, accounting for the proportion of global manufacturing industry is more than 1/3, the first place in the world. Yield of most equipment products in China ranks first in the world. In 2013 the output of power generating equipment 120000000 kilowatts, accounting for about 60% of the global total; shipbuilding capacity of 45340000 deadweight tons, accounting for 41% of global proportion; automobile production in 22117000, accounting for 25% of global proportion; machine output of 959000 units, accounting for 38% of global proportion.

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