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        Why press get unprecedented development?

        Release Date:2012-12-26     Views:2714

        The birth of equipment Mianshaozhuanji of economic development has played a role in adding fuel to the flames. Why do you say that, with the development of economy and the improvement of Chinese, people's living standard, gradually real estate also slowly heat up. Now the real estate development can be said to be the peak of the development, and housing prices also rose to a peak. And now many small manufacturing enterprises such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, almost overnight directly grow. The present situation, leading to a large number of cultivated land occupied, the land gradually reduced exponentially, so the introduction of national policies to give repeated orders and injunctions to protect arable land, privately occupied and extension of land to prohibit.


        Application of hollow brick to ease the situation now, because the production of hydraulic machinery raw material is fly ash, sand, coal gangue, industrial waste and so on, these sources of raw materials are mostly from the thermal power plant, the principle of mixing coal yard without waste to spend, in the absence of hydraulic press equipment before, before the power plant emissions fly ash have been buried, pay no attention to its use value, now the application of the cement brick machine equipment greatly waste economic cycle, and was buried in the ground fly ash has been re used, coupled with the government policy to encourage and support policies for travel hollow brick, so the development of the prospect of baking free brick machine industry is very broad.


        For the protection of arable land, countries have banned throughout the implementation of solid clay brick production policy, now some production of solid clay brick enterprises gradually transition, slowly began to produce wall materials - fly ash new autoclaved brick and sand autoclaved brick, the brick Cheng Bensheng production cost and the quality of autoclaved brick are much better than clay solid brick. Therefore, press, and baking free brick machine became the developing direction of new building materials machinery.

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