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    Improve the level of hardware tool industry

    Release Date:2014-03-28     Views:3721

    Domestic hardware tool widely used in various fields of geological exploration, stone, machinery, automobile and national defense industry, machining tools, geological drilling and sawing stone tool manufacturing technology level has been greatly improved. The products have already formed seriation, standardization, the variety specification is complete, stable product quality, some products have a certain competitiveness in the international market..


    All kinds of diamond tools production in China has been widely used in various industries, and achieved remarkable economic benefit, however, the level of our technology hardware tools, there is still a certain gap compared with foreign similar products, the need to develop hardware tool industry, development, pay close attention to new products, new technology, accelerate the development of China's hardware tools industry, improve economic efficiency and overall technical level. Specific approach is to:


    1, industrial planning: strengthening macro regulation and management


    As the blind development, hardware tools, especially the diamond tools production layout appear casual and chaos, blossom everywhere situation, production generally small-scale enterprises, the production is not concentrated, technology is poor, lack of market competitiveness, tool sales market, product quality is not stable, disorderly competition, price confusion, economic efficiency is not high.


    2, development of the industry: increase the tool industry investment


    To promote the development of pay close attention to new products and new technology, new technology, continuously broaden the application areas of diamond, diamond tools industry improve the overall technological level and market competitiveness, variety, quality of survival, to the progress of science and technology for development.


    3, product development: broaden the application areas of diamond


    At present domestic tool production and new product development, technology research, lack of funding, to increase the industrial investment tool, to promote the development of pay close attention to new products and new technology, new technology, continuously broaden the application areas of diamond, diamond tools industry improve the overall technological level and market competitiveness, to variety, quality to survive, with the progress of science and technology for development.


    In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign tools on the market, must accelerate the development of new products, improve product quality, increase the variety, improve yield. In recent years, machinery, medical equipment, stone, wood, glass, steel, stone handicrafts, ceramics and composite non-metallic hard brittle materials processing field of diamond tools, the demand is increasing year by year, at present, these products are domestic or imported, must therefore developed a series of tools of high quality as soon as possible, to replace the import. At present, the development needs of the products are: oil drilling with PDC bit, stone grinding with diamond grinding block, engineering thin wall bit, diamond honing oilstone, diamond film coated tools, diamond roller, rubber bonded diamond plastic tool, PCD diamond cutter, Jin Gang stone needle, nozzle, diamond heat sink and transistors and other products. In order to ensure the product quality, promotion of new technologies, new processes must be accelerated, such as technology, electric spark sintering technique, diamond vacuum welding technology, evenly coated diamond bonding technique, IR technology and metal laser welding technology.


    4, product terminal: improve customer trust


    Because of the long-term dependence on imports, the gap between domestic CNC tool and import tool in technology, service, quality and publicity of factors in the final product, NC tool is the quality of processed products in an important position, the domestic customers of CNC tool trust degree is very low. Often prefer to spend money to import than risk purchase domestic tools. After all, the hundreds of thousands or even millions of NC machine tool is a few yuan to hundreds of Yuan hourly and tool purchase expense, if not sure, would rather choose to import tool, automobile manufacturing and aerospace industry is a typical example. In the domestic tools are not mature enough today, they will hardly provide opportunities for domestic tool on CNC production line to try.


    5, talent chain: school enterprise cooperation, "and" will do


    CNC tool is a technology intensive, knowledge intensive, talent intensive industry, its development depends greatly on the talent, especially in the scale of production is even more obvious. Domestic CNC tool and technical personnel, management personnel, marketing personnel, operator of NC machine tool are scarce, general training cycle for 3 ~ 5 years. Colleges and universities have not properly play training CNC NC machining and CNC tool professional responsibility, rely on enterprise oneself to take a long time to develop, often shibeigongban, also not necessarily can retain.


    6, the core competitiveness: the industry improve the overall level of


    Strengthen internal management, and constantly improve the production process, reduce production costs, increase economic efficiency.


    China tool industry is already fully open to the outside world, the domestic market would have realized the tool purchase globalization. Foreign tools business into the China market for more than ten years of history, the sales network, technical service system has been quite perfect, there are several offices in the major city China, sales and technical services staff more than 1000 people. With its high quality products, technical service, perfect constantly reduce product sales price, import tool now the price has been reduced to 10 years ago, almost 2 / 3 to 1 / 2, a monopoly of high-end tool market Chinese. In the process of economic globalization, transnational tools company has technology, resources, information service is becoming more and more obvious, the core competitive advantage, cutting strength is more and more far, China tool industry must improve the comprehensive level of industry.

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