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        Chinese electricity demand growth is expected to fall by 2 percentage points

        Release Date:2012-01-14     Views:2540

        Steady growth Chinese power development scale in 2011, the overall generating capacity growth of nearly a year. And by the contradiction between power supply and power grid of coal transport, uncoordinated development and other factors, this year Chinese power supply and demand is still the overall tight. To solve the contradiction between energy and power development Chinese between.


        The three contradiction between energy demand and supply in Chinese. First, energy demand is growing fast, is expected to Chinese energy consumption in 2020 will reach 50 tons of standard coal; in addition, energy resources become increasingly tense, per capita China coal, oil, natural gas is low, which will influence the Chinese energy supply; third, short of power supply and demand situation will continue, this year is expected to Chinese electricity demand growth will fall by 2 percentage points, is expected to be about 9.5%, but because of the impact of the contradiction between supply and demand has not been fundamentally resolved, so some areas will also likely power supply and demand tension.


        With the continuous growth Chinese energy demand, energy base development focus gradually westward, northward, the network must have a more efficient transmission capacity. Electric couplet thinks, solve the problems China energy and power development, is the fundamental change of electric power development mode. Therefore, the proposed 2015, China should build "three vertical and three horizontal" backbone grid of UHV AC and DC transmission project is trans regional, large-scale energy base and main load centers, to form a large-scale "west east power transmission", "send Nortel south" energy allocation pattern. When the annual transportation capacity of 1.2 billion kwh, equivalent to 6 tons of raw coal conveyor; can meet the new 145000000 kilowatts of clean energy and consumption need to send.

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