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    Company ProfileIntroductionLead the Industry & Struggle for Best


    Ma'anshan  Rotate(羅泰特) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,  located in Cihu High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Ma'anshan city, is a professional manufacturer of super high pressure hydraulic tools. It mainly produces and supplies hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic bolt tensioners, etc.. At the same time it also manufactures and supplies complete sets of equipment and auxiliaries such as super high pressure hydraulic stations, sleeves, high pressure express joints, hydraulic hoses, etc.. The company is equipped with complete sets of advanced production equipment such as CNC machining center, etc. and professional design staffs as well as excellent experienced production workers. With the advanced technology introduced from Europe and with the main components made of imported materials, the products are featured with high strength, light weight ,excellent quality and  exquisite appearance. The products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, power supply, bridges, shipbuilding, mechanical installation, etc..

    The mission of the company is to offer the satisfactory service to the clients with scientific management and excellent product quality. To be the world leader of super high pressure hydraulic tool industry is our final goal.

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