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    RTK series hydraulic torque wrenches

    RTK series hydraulic torque wrenches
    ROTATE RTK series hydraulic torque wrenches are made of aluminum-titanium  alloy and supper high strength alloy steel, with manual control, double acting hydraulic design, for tentening and loosening the bolt connection
    Widely used in a variety of complex work situations. Torque precision is adjustable with a tolerance of less than ± 3%. The pressure ranges 7Mpa-70Mpa.

    Performance characteristics:
    1 light weight, high strength, wear-resistant:  integrated design of driving head with aluminum alloy material, the working head adopts a thin design with high strength carbide
    2.long lifetime: driving/resisting mechanism is of co-linear design, Driving head does not bear the twisting force with reliability and durability.
    3 Suitable for working in narrow space: hydraulic tubing joints can be with the same direction at the same time 360 o x180 o free rotation, more suitable for use in a limited space.
    4 good interchangeability: clamping type, interchangeable plug-ins, a driving head can be used with a variety of working heads.
    5 internal anti-reverse latch, can overcome the reversing movement of wench ratchet casued by the spring-back of the bolts due to its deformation
    6 Wrapped-type safety design, sleeve roates nut during operation with high safety
    7 internal coarse tooth ratchet structure design, improves the bearing strength of the rotating parts; and each turn to engage a gear, ensures accuracy in each corner.


    Selection principle:
    One pinciple should be defined before selecting the wrench:  namely the loosening bolt torque is at least 150% of the bolt tightening torque.


    RTK Hollow hydraulic torque wrench 


    Hollow hydraulic torque wrench type selection and adjustment table (click name to view details)
    Bolt pretightening force recommendation form | RTK pressure and torque control table
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