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    RTM series hydraulic torque wrenches

    RTM series hydraulic torque wrenches
    ROTATE RTM series hydraulic torque wrenches are made of aluminum-titanium alloy and super high strength alloy steel with manual control, double acting hydraulic design for tightening and loosening the bolt connection.
    Widely used in a variety of complex work situations. Torque precision is adjustablewith a tolerance of less than ± 3%. The pressure ranges 7Mpa-70Mpa.

    Performance characteristics:
    1.Integrated fuselage, aluminum and titanium alloy materials, light weight, high strength.
    2.360 o x180 o rotary joint design can effectively prevent vittase suppress caused by limited space.
    3.360 o micro adjustable back arm, can provide a multi-position support
    4.Back pawl design of synchronous check, easy to remove when the tool is stuck and ensure the accuracy.
    5.Coarse tooth ratchet design, high strength, not easy to wear.
    6.Parts replacement is easy, can meet the needs of different occasions.
    7.special requirement: customization is available with special design.


    Selection principle:
    one principle should be defined before selecting the wrench:  namely the loosening bolt torque is at least 150% of the bolt tightening torque. 

    RTM Driving hydraulic torque wrench 


    Professional bolt nut solutions


    Drive hydraulic wrench selection and control torque meter(click name to view details)

    Bolt pretightening force recommendation form | RTM pressure and torque control table

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